Volvo is proud to announce that it is making its groundbreaking connected safety technology available across Europe, taking another step in its ambition to improve driving safety.

 This new technology allows Volvo vehicles to automatically communicate with each other in real time by alerting drivers of upcoming slippery road conditions and other hazards using a cloud-based network. First introduced in 2016, the Hazard Light Alert and Slippery Road Alert had their start on Volvo’s 90 Series cars in Norway and Sweden. The features only just became available to Volvo drivers across Europe this April, coming as standard on all new 2020 Volvos. The alert system can also be retrofitted on selected earlier Volvo models.

Safety First

Volvo’s safety research demonstrates that adjusting a car’s speed to the real traffic situation on the ground can drastically reduce accident risks. By alerting drivers to potential dangers ahead in real time and giving them the chance to adapt, connected safety technologies can encourage improved driving and enhance traffic safety.


With the launch of the new feature across Europe, Volvo is reiterating its invitation to the rest of the auto industry to join the company in sharing safety-related traffic data across car brands. In the long run, doing so can go a long way in promoting overall traffic safety for drivers across the world, becoming more influential with the more cars that are connected. Since last year, both Volvo Cars and Volvo Trucks have shared data to warn drivers of nearby hazards in Norway and Sweden.

Pioneers in Technology

On introduction, Volvo’s alert system was the first of its kind in the auto industry. As soon as any equipped Volvo turns on its hazard lights, the Hazard Light Alert sends out a signal to all nearby Volvo vehicles connected to the cloud service, warning other drivers to be careful potential accidents. The system is particularly useful when rounding blind corners and going over the hillcrests in the road.

 Meanwhile, the Slippery Road Alert directs the driver's awareness to conditions on both the current road and those ahead, anonymously collecting road surface information from vehicles further ahead on the road and warning other drivers who are approaching nearby.

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