"No one likes to pay for a new car and have it in for
service as much as I have for the past few months.   These things happen.
It's unfortunate but it happens.

However, my service experience, captained by Matt, has been nothing greater
than exceptional.  Your service team is courteous, polite and always kept me
informed with their progress.

Charlie has been great too.   He's always there to help.  Just recently we
were heading on a road trip and we needed to know how to use the on board
internet for the kids.   He fit us in on short notice and made sure we knew
how it worked.

My best to you and your entire team and thank you for the kind gift.   We
will for sure enjoy it.   Thank you."   -JJD
    "Was only supposed to test drive and instead walked away 3 hours later with a new XC60 this weekend. Thanks so much to Zen and Kevin for taking the time to answer all my questions and going above and beyond to make me feel comfortable. Exceptional experience. Exceptional vehicle." - Megan Stanton

    "Excellent Experience with Paul Mlinko. We picked up our 2017 Volvo XC90 today. Smoothest transaction ever. Thank You so much Paul. You are definitely a fantastic asset to that organization." -Robyn Murray

    "Your staff, as always, was courteous, explained exactly what needed to be done right away and developing issues that would need to be dealt with in the future and how much each item would cost.
It turned out my car needed to spend the night, and since I had not asked for a 'loaner', I said that was fine and that I'd take a bus out to the dealership in the morning. Matt said I would "Absolutely Not" take a bus; he would have someone pick me up. I tried to protest, saying that would mean someone going out of their way, and he almost sounded offended and said that as a customer I should expect nothing less; it is a service that comes with Volvo and your dealership.
The waiting room is so nice, I could stay there all day." -Nancy Baxter